Alpha and Beta courses

The Uplands Group of Churches runs a frequent series of Alpha courses and due to high demand is currently running two Beat courses as a follow on.

What are the Alpha and Beta courses?

Alpha was originally launched in 1977 and has been running ever since. It attempts to explain the basics of the Christian faith in a relaxed setting, usually with a meal and conversation. 

During Alpha, some of the key questions about our life and faith, for example:

  1. Is there more to life than this?
  2. Who is Jesus?
  3. Why and how do I pray?

Over 29 million people have taken the Alpha course around the world! Why not join them?


The Beta course is for those who might want more than Alpha can offer, or simply want a different approach. Two courses are currently examining the story of the Bibe through 100 essential readings. Bible study, discussion and a glass of wine are all on offer!

How do I get involved?

The easiest way to get involved or put your name down for a future group is to contact Valerie on or text her on 07956961509. Alternatively, why not speak to your local churchwarden about this and other opportunities to get involved? We hope to see you soon!