Our Faith

Our Faith

At the heart of Christian faith is a person, Jesus Christ. Being a Christian is about having a relationship with Jesus. Going to church and leading a good life follow on from having Jesus in your life as Lord and Saviour; by themselves they do not make you a Christian. In the Uplands Group we long for each person to have a relationship with God through Jesus and to be filled with the Holy Spirit, knowing the joy, fulfilment and purpose in life which that brings. 

As Christians we believe that God’s purpose is for us to live in a world and in communities which are marked by love, peace, justice, healing, hope and joy, where each person is able to become everything that God has created them to be. In the Uplands we are committed to helping our churches and our communities to be just such places. Sometimes we make mistakes and we are not always as good at it as we should be, but we are a group of people who are seeking to express God’s love in everything we do. One of the ways we do that is through praying for our communities and for people in particular need.

We are all on a journey through life, and we are all at different points in that journey. Wherever you are on your journey you will find a welcome in our church services and in the other events which take place. Whether you feel you have a lot of faith, or very little faith you will find a welcome; whether you prefer to stay on the edge, or get involved, you will find a welcome; whatever your church background, or lack of church background, you will find a welcome. 

In an increasingly troubled world we need to be given hope; in our increasingly busy lives we need to find places of peace where we can get new perspectives and be refreshed; in lives which are increasingly disturbed we need to find healing and renewal; in a world full of choices we need a trustworthy moral compass. 

Our churches are here to serve the community. Everyone who lives in one of our parishes can have a christening, be married and have a funeral in church, and be buried in the parish. Nowadays anyone who has a family connection with one of our churches can be married in that church. You don’t need to have been christened yourself to get married in church; you don’t need to have attended services.

So wherever you are on your journey, come along or get in touch. Welcome!